We are a research centre and think tank in Assam (India), founded in 2007, CIGPA aims to be a national centre of excellence on governance, public policy and administration. We will try to achieve this through a network of national and international scholars and researchers who will participate in policy debates, research & training programs, conferences & workshops, and publications.
Our long-term goal is to be recognized nationally and internationally as the leading research centre of expertise on governance, public policy and administration. To achieve this goal, CIGPA’s activities will concentrate on three key areas: governance, public policy and administration for good governance, policy development and implementation.
Under the leadership of Deepak Kumar Baruah, an alumnus of the University of Brighton, England, CIGPA will contribute through the following four areas:
  • Research – by providing new research opportunities for researchers, PhD scholars, postgraduate students and faculty members by participating in CIGPA’s projects, seminars, conferences etc.
  • Teaching – by organizing lecture series, inviting renowned national and international scholars, developing new cases and teaching tools based on national and international examples.
  • Institutional Capacity Building – by stimulating institutional links with national and international research centres and universities, and other organizations that work in the fields of governance, public policy and administration.
  • Publications – CIGPA will open new publishing opportunities, mainly for researchers, PhD scholars and postgraduate students by publishing a new e-journal.